Selling Your Property

It's never been easy to sell property. But, since the advent of the Internet, selling a home has never been easier, because of the new routes to match homebuyers and home sellers. Many of the new offerings will also save you a substantial amount of money while giving you greater control over the house sale.

Traditionally most people have entrusted the selling of property to the experts in the estate agency business, with a minority opting to sell their property privately without the help of an estate agent. Home.co.uk is pleased to offer help and advice, however you want to sell property.

Private Property Sales

Selling your home privately not only enables you to save thousands of pounds, it makes sense from a marketing point of view. The Internet offers an enormous advertising medium and we can expose and promote your property to a huge audience of potential buyers.

It used to be difficult to market your property: you were limited to newspaper adverts, for-sale signboards and word-of-mouth. Now there's a host of websites on which you can promote your property sale to anyone with Internet access across the UK and around the world.

Selling via an Online Estate Agent

If you're feeling less confident or simply don't have the time to manage a private property sale then it's probably best to enlist the services of an estate agent to conduct the sale of your property.

When choosing an estate agent one new option is to use an online estate agent. Online estate agents offer similar services to traditional estate agents but generally charge a much lower commission. What's more: they really know how to get your property sold quickly using the power of the Internet.

Selling via a Traditional Estate Agent

The vast majority of properties are still sold via the traditional local estate agent.

Selling a Property at Auction

Property auctions are a very effective way of selling a home quickly. If you simply don't have the time or patience to find a home buyer on the open market a sale at auction may be your best solution.

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