Home Renting Guide: Introduction

Renting property is an attractive option for many people for many reasons. Renting a home affords a more flexible lifestyle and less responsibility than owning bricks and mortar. Moreover, in times of falling house prices, renters may well be saving money.

Renting a house or flat is popular with people from all walks of life. Former homeowners who have sold a home will often rent a house in the short term so they take their time finding another to buy. Typically, students that are moving temporarily to a new town will share the rent a flat or house. Clearly for those that cannot afford to buy a home renting is often a necessity.

Finding a home to rent usually starts with an online rental search such as Home.co.uk, through which you can contact letting agents. You should also look for advertisements in the local newspaper's property section and simple homemade signs and notices in shops. Word of mouth may also be useful in finding the right rental property. Consider consulting friends and work colleagues who have rented a home and ask them to recommend a letting agent, or if they know of any properties for rent.

The two ways a home can be rented are indirectly through a lettings agent, or directly by arrangement with the landlord. The advantages and disadvantages of renting through a letting agent or directly with your landlord is be covered in this renting guide.

Tips on viewing a home will also be explored. Legal and contractual issues are another important consideration and this guide will take a look at key tenant issues such as deposit schemes and insurance.

Most arrangements between a landlord, agent and tenant run smoothly, but things can go wrong. Also detailed within our Home Renting Guide is advice about what to do when problems arise and a list of useful contacts for help and support. Alas renting does come with some responsibilities for the tenant beyond simply paying the rent and we will explore those too.

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