Website Statistics

Here's a selection of our key website statistics, updated daily.

Property For Sale

Total unique homes for sale found: 289,089
Average asking price of property for sale: £478,604
Properties placed on market in last 14 days: 40,925
Properties reduced in price in last 14 days: 15,640
Properties increased in price in last 14 days: 3,482
Average time on market (of unsold properties): 185 days
Properties viewed by homebuyers last month: 890,039
Click-throughs to property details last month: 359,396
Total value of property for sale: £136,254,417,820
Total property for sale advert URLs tracked: 5,339,780
Property sales websites monitored: 4,035

Rental Property

Total unique properties for rent: 138,321
Average rent of homes advertised to let: £1,918 pcm
Rentals listed on market in last 14 days: 24,631
Click-throughs to rental property details last month: 123,245
Total rental property advert URLs tracked: 1,285,990
Property rental websites monitored: 2,590

Other Stats

Estate agents listed in directory: 16,283
Letting agents listed in directory: 15,635
User sessions last month: 204,187

Searchable Properties For Sale by Website

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Searchable Properties For Sale by Website

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