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If it's time to renew your insurance, or if you're looking for a better home insurance quote, Home.co.uk recommends that you shop around. For example, check the offers from the providers in our home insurance directory below.

Recent research has shown that consumer confusion and apathy could be costing the nation's homeowners millions of pounds each year, with mortgage lenders cashing in on uncertainty over home insurance. The data shows that 39% of homeowners purchased their buildings and/or contents insurance through their mortgage provider, despite the possibility of far better deals elsewhere. Read more in Apathy - the great enemy for home owners.

If you are looking for home insurance for your property Home.co.uk recommends that you check the offers from our directory of insurance providers.

Recommended Insurance Broker: Endsleigh

Endsleigh Home Insurance

Whether you are buying your first home or just shopping around for a better premium, Endsleigh offers their lowest cost home insurance to suit you and your lifestyle. Try Endsleigh to see if you could save on your home insurance.

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Admiral This insurance provider offers a range of options for customers looking to ensure their home and its contents. This includes bundling their home and car insurance into a multi-cover deal. The range of deals includes Platinum Cover, which offers unlimited buildings cover and up to £150,000 contents cover. A 24-hour emergency helpline is also available through Admiral.

Aviva Aviva offers buildings and contents insurance. This covers the cost of repairing damage due to water damage, fire and more. Contents cover, meanwhile, protects against fire as well as burglary. There is no limit to the overall amount Aviva covers customers for. Other services include offering alternative accommodation while work is being carried out.

LV Home insurance is among the products offered by LV, which also insures cars, pets, and travel as well as offering breakdown cover. Advice offered by LV includes making customers aware of the types of locks needed to secure a house. Key operated window locks and an alarm, fitted by an approved installer, are also recommended to protect a home.

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