Asking Price Index: The UK's Leading Property Market Indicator

The Home.co.uk Asking Price Index is the UK's only independent, forward market indicator. The published figures indicate fluctuations in residential property asking prices and thereby reflect current and historic confidence of buyers and sellers of UK homes on the open market.

The Home.co.uk Asking Price Index is calculated every month using around 500,000 UK house prices found in the Home.co.uk Property Search Index. This figure represents the majority of the property for sale on the open market in the UK at any given time. Properties above £1m and below £20k are excluded from the calculations.

The Home.co.uk Index is based on asking price data which means it can provide insights into price movements around 5 months ahead of mortgage completion and actual sales data - thus making it the most forward looking of all indices.

The Home.co.uk Asking Price Index was originally devised in association with Landmark Analytics (formerly Calnea Analytics), leading suppliers of property market data.

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Forthcoming Releases

  • 12 July 18
  • 14 August 18
  • 12 September 18

Releases To Date

12 Jun 18  Oversupply and Overpricing Threaten to Stall Market (Report PDF)
11 May 18  Summer Optimism Masks Market Melancholy (Report PDF)
12 Apr 18  Oversupply Exacerbates London and South East Downturn (Report PDF)
13 Mar 18  North West Prices March On Up (Report PDF)
13 Feb 18  Midlands Forges Ahead while London Prices Slide (Report PDF)
12 Jan 18  Northern House Prices Power Up (Report PDF)
12 Dec 17  Sales Supply Jumps as Rental Supply Falls (Report PDF)
14 Nov 17  Don't Panic: Stock Levels are Low and Demand Persistent (Report PDF)
12 Oct 17  House Prices Tick Up Despite London Falls (Report PDF)
12 Sep 17  London Falls Drag Down Price Growth to Near Zero (Report PDF)
15 Aug 17  The West and North Prosper while London and the South East Weaken (Report PDF)
12 Jul 17  House Price Growth Falls Further Behind Inflation (Report PDF)
13 Jun 17  Regions Prosper while London Home Prices Slide (Report PDF)
11 May 17  London Prices Down but Most Regions Performing Well (Report PDF)
12 Apr 17  Asking Prices Surge on Spring Optimism (Report PDF)
14 Mar 17  Demand Heads North as London Slumps (Report PDF)
14 Feb 17  Home Prices and Supply Surge in the East (Report PDF)
12 Jan 17  Home Prices Flatline as Supply Increases (Report PDF)
13 Dec 16  London Prices Fall as Supply Leaps in the East and South (Report PDF)
15 Nov 16  Home Prices Feel a Winter Chill (Report PDF)
12 Oct 16  Home Prices Bounce Back but Supply is on the Rise (Report PDF)
13 Sep 16  Prices Slide for Third Month in a Row (Report PDF)
12 Aug 16  Average Prices Weighed Down by Steep Falls in London (Report PDF)
12 Jul 16  Brexit Ends 19-Month House Price Rally (Report PDF)
14 Jun 16  London Prices Fall While East of England Soars (Report PDF)
12 May 16  Prices Overheat in the East while the Northern Regions Recover (Report PDF)
12 Apr 16  Prices Push On Up Across the Regions but London Stalls (Report PDF)
11 Mar 16  A Frenzy of Buying Across the Country (Report PDF)
12 Feb 16  East England Prices Take a Spring Leap (Report PDF)
12 Jan 16  London Prices Leap into 2016 (Report PDF)
15 Dec 15  Stock Levels Crash but Price Hikes Take a Seasonal Pause (Report PDF)
12 Nov 15  Stock of Property for Sale Hits New Low (Report PDF)
13 Oct 15  Prices Surge in the East and South East of England (Report PDF)
15 Sep 15  Average London House Price up £60,000 (Report PDF)
12 Aug 15  UK Property Drought Worsens Driving Prices Higher (Report PDF)
14 Jul 15  Prices Push On Up as Property Drought Continues (Report PDF)
12 Jun 15  Shock Monthly Rise of £10,000 for the Average London Home (Report PDF)
13 May 15  Property Prices Push Higher Despite Political Palpitations (Report PDF)
14 Apr 15  East England Leads Spring Price Growth (Report PDF)
12 Mar 15  Home Prices Take a Spring Leap (Report PDF)
12 Feb 15  Londoners Price Too High as Properties Pile Up (Report PDF)
14 Jan 15  Optimism Gives Home Prices An Early Nudge Up (Report PDF)
12 Dec 14  Home Prices Catch a Winter Chill (Report PDF)
12 Nov 14  London Prices Surge Again as Rest of UK Cools (Report PDF)
14 Oct 14  Home Prices Push Higher Despite Rising Supply (Report PDF)
12 Sep 14  London Prices Finally Slide as the Market Cools (Report PDF)
13 Aug 14  Rising Supply Puts the Brakes on Price Rises (Report PDF)
15 Jul 14  Supply Surges in London and Prices Still on the Rise (Report PDF)
12 Jun 14  High Prices Tempt More Londoners to Sell (Report PDF)
14 May 14  London Property Bubble Confirmed (Report PDF)
15 Apr 14  Home Prices Rising Faster Than Ever (Report PDF)
13 Mar 14  London on Fire while Scotland Stagnates (Report PDF)
13 Feb 14  Price Hike Alert: London Leads the Charge (Report PDF)
14 Jan 14  Calm Before the Storm: A Property Market in Crisis (Report PDF)
12 Dec 13  Inventory Hits All-Time Low as Seasonal Slowdown Takes Hold (Report PDF)
13 Nov 13  Prices Hit New High as Supply Drops to New Post-Crisis Low (Report PDF)
15 Oct 13  Recovery Spreads North and West as London's Bubble Expands (Report PDF)
12 Sep 13  Prices Soar as Supply Crisis Worsens in London and the South East (Report PDF)
13 Aug 13  Prices Up But North-South Disparity Worsens (Report PDF)
12 Jul 13  Home Prices Hit 5-Year High (Report PDF)
12 Jun 13  Buyers Compete as Supply Shrinks Further (Report PDF)
14 May 13  Regional Markets Show Signs of Genuine Recovery (Report PDF)
12 Apr 13  London Home Prices Go Stratospheric (Report PDF)
12 Mar 13  House Price Rises Push Up from the South (Report PDF)
12 Feb 13  Spring Price Surge Starts in London (Report PDF)
15 Jan 13  Shrinking Supply Supports UK Home Prices (Report PDF)
12 Dec 12  Prices Take a Bow in Best Year Post-Crisis (Report PDF)
12 Nov 12  Home Prices Buck Seasonal Trend (Report PDF)
12 Oct 12  Sellers' Optimism Gives Prices a Fillip (Report PDF)
12 Sep 12  Prices Fall as Reality Bites Back (Report PDF)
13 Aug 12  London Property Takes Olympic Gold (Report PDF)
12 Jul 12  London Leads Home Prices Up (Report PDF)
12 Jun 12  Home Prices Up Despite Weak Economy (Report PDF)
14 May 12  Supply Drought Raises Prices (Report PDF)
12 Apr 12  Spring Boost for Home Prices (Report PDF)
12 Mar 12  Shock Supply Drop Slows Market (Report PDF)
13 Feb 12  Optimistic Sellers Raise Supply and Prices (Report PDF)
12 Jan 12  Time On Market Rises to Record High (Report PDF)
12 Dec 11  North-South Divide Widens (Report PDF)
14 Nov 11  Short Supply Supports Home Prices (Report PDF)
12 Oct 11  Home Sellers Cut Deeper (Report PDF)
12 Sep 11  Home Prices Take a Seasonal Dip (Report PDF)
12 Aug 11  Home Prices Stagnate as Market Cools (Report PDF)
12 Jul 11  London Leading Home Prices Lower (Report PDF)
13 Jun 11  Prices Stall as Buyers Harder to Find (Report PDF)
12 May 11  Optimistic Sellers Push Prices to the Limit (Report PDF)
12 Apr 11  Home Prices Fall Further Behind Inflation (Report PDF)
14 Mar 11  Home Prices Signal Spring Bounce (Report PDF)
14 Feb 11  Sellers Slash and Prices Tumble (Report PDF)
12 Jan 11  Home Prices Hit New Post-Crisis Low (Report PDF)
UK Property in 2011 (Special Report)
13 Dec 10  Little Seasonal Cheer for Home Sellers (Report PDF)
12 Nov 10  Realism Weighs Heavy on Home Prices (Report PDF)
12 Oct 10  Autumn Home Vendors Price Too High (Report PDF)
13 Sep 10  Weight of Home Supply Forces Price Drop (Report PDF)
12 Aug 10  Home Prices Resist Discounting Surge (Report PDF)
12 Jul 10  London Gains While Regions Retreat (Report PDF)
Sellers Slash Prices By Over £1.1 Billion In June (Press)
14 Jun 10  Nervous Sellers Curb Price Rises (Report PDF)
12 May 10  Seller Surge Stifles Prices (Report PDF)
12 Apr 10  London Leaving the Regions Behind (Report PDF)
12 Mar 10  Spring Gives Sellers New Hope (Report PDF)
12 Feb 10  Asking Prices Slide to New Low (Report PDF)
12 Jan 10  Seasonal Chill Grips Housing Market (Report PDF)
14 Dec 09  Market Price Erosion Erases Recovery (Report PDF)
12 Nov 09  Winter Blues Stall Market Recovery (Report PDF)
Asking Prices Down 5.4% Over Last 5 Years (Press)
12 Oct 09  Prices Show Weak Recovery in South (Report PDF)
14 Sep 09  House Prices Under Renewed Pressure (Report PDF)
12 Aug 09  Signs of a North-South Divide? (Report PDF)
14 Jul 09  Sellers More Hopeful Despite Weak Market (Report PDF)
12 Jun 09  Instructions Surge as Home Sales Pick Up (Report PDF)
UK Property Takes-Off as Time on Market Falls (Press)
12 May 09  Prices Jump Despite Rising Time On Market (Report PDF)
17 Apr 09  Market Prices Falling More Slowly (Report PDF)
12 Mar 09  Prices 'On Hold' Despite Glacial Market (Report PDF)
12 Feb 09  Prices Falling Faster in the South (Report PDF)
12 Jan 09  Fewer Price Cuts Over Festive Season (Report PDF)
12 Dec 08  Sellers Race to Cut Home Prices (Report PDF)
12 Nov 08  Asking Price Cuts Deepen (Report PDF)
Property Price Drops Increase in October (Press)
13 Oct 08  Bail-out Plans Offer Hope to Sellers (Report PDF)
12 Sep 08  House Price Falls Accelerate (Report PDF)
Asking Prices Falling Faster in Q3 as More Sellers Cave-In (Press)
12 Aug 08  Decrease in House Prices shows no sign of Abating (Report PDF)
14 Jul 08  Market Sentiment Deteriorates Further (Report PDF)
Homeowners Hit By Double Whammy: Inflation and House Price Falls (Press)
12 Jun 08  Decline in Asking Prices Continues (Report PDF)
Property Market In Disarray As Average UK Home Loses £1,000 Every Month (Press)
12 May 08  Asking Prices Weaken Further (Report PDF)
Serious Property Sellers Must Heed Agent's Advice (Press)
14 Apr 08  Sellers Begin to Price to Market (Report PDF)
UK Housing Market On Course For 10% Drop As Asking Prices Plummet (Press)
12 Mar 08  Property Numbers Surge as Sellers Panic (Report PDF)
City Workers Lead Panic Selling Across The Property Market (Press)
12 Feb 08  House Prices Fall in all Regions (Report PDF)
Sellers on the Back Foot as Buyers Dominate UK Housing Market (Press)
14 Jan 08  House Prices Falter in Uncertain Market (Report PDF)
Sellers in Denial as UK Housing Market Falls Apart (Press)
12 Dec 07  IR Cut Buoys Sellers' Confidence (Report PDF)
12 Nov 07  HIPs Afford Home Prices Hollow Boost (Report PDF)
12 Oct 07  House Prices Fall Further (Report PDF)
House Price Fear Grips The Market (Press)
13 Sep 07  Prices Slide As Confidence Crumbles (Report PDF)
UK House Prices Slide On Sub-Prime Mess (Press)
13 Aug 07  Confident Sellers Shrug Off Rate Hikes (Report PDF)
12 Jul 07  Still Rising Regardless of Rising Interest Rates (Report PDF)
12 Jun 07  Asking Prices Continue to Rise (Report PDF)
14 May 07  Asking Price Growth Slows (Report PDF)
London's Wild House Price Ride (Press)
12 Apr 07  London Soars Whilst Some Regions Suffer (Report PDF)
12 Mar 07  London Leads House Price Surge (Report PDF)
UK House Prices Ride A Second Wave (Press)
12 Feb 07  Housing Market Sentiment Cools (Report PDF)
12 Jan 07  Asking Price Rally Continues (Report PDF)
Another Nail In The Coffin For UK House Prices (Press)
12 Dec 06  Demand Drives Asking Price Rises (Report PDF)
13 Nov 06  Asking Prices Accelerate (Report PDF)
House Prices Surge Toward A 'Tipping Point' (Press)
12 Oct 06  Asking Prices Stable and Rising (Report PDF)
12 Sep 06  Asking Prices Defy Rate Increase (Report PDF)
Are UK Homes Becoming More Affordable? (Press)
11 Aug 06  Property Discounting Returns (Report PDF)
House Prices Feel The Heat (Press)
12 Jul 06  New Sellers' Confidence Bucks the Trend (Report PDF)
Testing Times For The UK Property Market (Press)
12 Jun 06  Sellers' Confidence Tests the Market (Report PDF)
Real-Time Gauge Of Housing Market Confidence (Press)
12 May 06  Scotland Booms While English Prices Fall (Report PDF)
Scottish And English Housing Markets Poles Apart (Press)
12 Apr 06  House Prices Show No Sign of Recovery (Report PDF)
New Index Blows The Lid On House Prices (Press)

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