Property Surveys

Whether you have found a property you like or are still looking, we advise you to get several quotes from local professionals for your survey work.

Both you and your mortgage lender need to know whether the property is actually worth the amount of money you have agreed to spend on it. As well as what is known as the basic valuation, there are two main types of survey: the Home Buyers Report and the Building Survey. All lenders require a basic valuation, but it is strongly advised that you also have an independent and more detailed survey conducted, as the basic valuation will only show up any obvious problems that you will probably have noticed yourself.

Get instant survey quotes with our Property Survey Quote page. Or select from our directory of Surveying Services.

So how much should I pay for a survey? Use our Property Survey Quote page to get free instant quotes for Home Buyers Reports or Building Surveys from several surveyors in your area, provided by our partner Reallymoving (all the surveyors listed will be members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Typical costs Home Buyers Reports and Building Surveys are as follows:

House Value Building Survey Home Buyers Report
up to £100k £480 £300
from £100k to £200k £560 £350
from £200k to £300k £610 £440
from £300k to £400k £730 £480
from £400k to £500k £800 £530
from £500k to £600k £920 £710
from £600k to £700k £950 £785
from £700k to £800k £970 £875
from £800k to £900k £1,000 £900
from £900k to £1m £1,100 £920

To get instant survey quotes use our Property Survey Quote page.

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