Home Selling Guide: An Overview Of The Stages

If you are selling a house, you have probably also bought it and therefore you have already gained some insight into the world of property dealings. Selling a house is a bit different from buying one, however. This guide is both an introduction for sellers who have not handled properties before, and a memory-aid for experienced property sellers.


  • Decide on how you want to sell your house, whether privately, through an estate agent, or at auction
  • Estimate the costs involved in the sale
  • Make your house more attractive to the buyer by cleaning and doing necessary repairs, maybe even refurbishing

Valuation and Marketing

  • Carry out a property valuation
  • Create public awareness of your sale
  • Arrange and conduct the viewings


  • Field the offers and push for higher prices
  • Decide on the best offer


  • Either instruct a solicitor or do it yourself