Home Selling Guide: When To Sell

You obviously want to sell your house when the market is strong and demand high. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep an eye on the property market and time your sale well. Generally, the market tends to be stronger in early and late summer than the rest of the year.

Another point to look out for are low interest rates. Few people are willing to take out a £150,000 mortgage when the Bank of England has just voiced intentions of raising rates by two percentage points. Also, you should co-ordinate your sale with others in the neighbourhood. If there are already three For Sale signs on your street, it might be better to wait a bit.

In order to time your property sale well, get an overview of the property market by checking what properties similar to yours are selling for. Ask Estate Agents what they are selling and search online property transaction databases for sales in your area.

The Chain

If you are not only selling your home, but also looking to buy a new one, we recommend that you put your house up for sale before you start looking for new properties. This way, you will be able to time the process much better because you will have an idea how quickly you can sell, and you can estimate the possible price range for your new home.