Selling Property Via An Estate Agent

An estate agent can take care of all aspects of the property sale for you. A good estate agent will:

  • Arrange a property valuation
  • Advertise the property for sale - both online and in traditional media
  • Court potential buyers
  • Arrange and conduct property viewings
  • Negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf
  • Help to maximise the property sale price

An estate agent will ensure you avoid mistakes when selling your home, which could otherwise be very expensive. The estate agent will also charge a commission of up to 4% of the sale price, although this figure is normally around 2%.

Choosing an Estate Agent

You probably know some of your local estate agents. Many estate agents in your area will have properties included in the Home.co.uk Property Search. To find out how many properties they advertise and how well they do it, use the Home.co.uk property search in your area.

Property advertising analysis by Home.co.uk shows that properties spend less time on the market when the estate agency concerned advertises more widely - please see our UK Estate Agent Advertising Survey.

To find local estate agent websites that advertise widely on the web please see our Estate Agent Directory. If, however, you are short on time and would like Home.co.uk to find you a recommended estate agent for a valuation with a view to selling your home, see Contact a Local Estate Agent.

Online Estate Agents

When choosing an estate agent one new option is to use an online estate agent. Online estate agents offer similar services to traditional estate agents but generally charge a much lower commission.

Please see Selling Property With An Online Estate Agent.

Advertising Property For Sale On Home.co.uk

Some estate agents may not be advertising their properties on Home.co.uk and are thereby missing the opportunity reach thousands of potential buyers. Even if you decide to sell your property through an estate agent you can still promote your property to thousands of additional home hunters by placing an advert in the Home.co.uk property search. Simply enter your estate's contact details instead of your own.

For more details see Advertising Your Property For Sale On Home.co.uk.

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