Telephone Services

If you're moving home you could review your telephone service. You can make significant savings on your phone bill by choosing the best deal available from the various phone companies. If you want to reduce your phone bill Home.co.uk recommends that you check the offers from our directory of phone service suppliers.

Many suppliers also offer bundles that can include landline calls, mobile calls, broadband and TV.

Post Office Landline only deals are available from the Post Office as well as broadband bundles. Its home phone deals include free calls to other Post Office Home Phone numbers at any time, an extra 10% off calls to 'Loved Ones' as well as technical support and a choice of paper or online billing.

BT A range of calling plans are available through BT, including calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles, with one monthly price or a simple flat rate to pay. Unlimited minutes, diverting nuisance calls and international add-ons are also available.

Sky Home phone, TV and broadband packages are available from Sky. This includes its Broadband Superfast and Talk Freetime bundle. Another is its Sky TV, Broadband and Sky Sports package that also includes phone. All Sky Broadband deals include Sky phone line rental.

Simple Some elderly homeowners are looking for a phone line-only deal, without the need for broadband and TV bundles. Simple home phone deals start from £10.99 a month and are aimed at pensioners. It also offers a restricted telephone line only service for people suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Plusnet Home phone plans start from just £5 a month and can also be bundled with mobile call deals. Evening and weekend UK and mobile call, as well as unlimited UK and mobile call deals are available.

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