Broadband Internet

Is it time you got broadband? Broadband Internet lets you download so much more quickly. Broadband lets you access the Internet without blocking your phone line. A Broadband connection is available immediately without having to wait while your computer dials. Broadband services are also very competitively priced. Please see our list of Broadband providers.

TalkTalk TalkTalk offers a range of broadband deals, including its Fibre 35 option, which offers an average download speed of 38 mb/s and its Fibre 150 option, which offers an average download speed of 145 mb/s. Packages with mobile and TV, including access to streaming services, are also available.

Virgin Media Average broadband speeds are seven times quicker than those offered by other providers, according to Virgin Media. Its bundles cover broadband only, broadband with TV and phone as well as mobile broadband and business broadband packages.

BT Among broadband services offered by BT are: expert support, a speed guarantee, a 'Smart Hub' for more powerful wi-fi connections, and online security features. Offers with BT Broadband include access to TV streaming services. Existing customers can also upgrade their broadband package from a range of offers.

Vodafone Customers can save at least £2 a month when purchasing a SIM only mobile phone and Home Broadband plan together. Broadband options range from Superfast 1, offering speeds of 35mb/s, to Superfast 2 Extra, offering Apple TV 4K and 63mb/s.

Sky Sky Broadband deals include Essential, Superfast and Superfast Boost offering faster download speeds. Sky is recommended for families that do a lot of streaming, gaming and downloading. It is also ideal for those working from home and for video calls.

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