Home Selling Guide: Preparing Your House For Sale: Master Bedroom

The main bedroom needs to convey an impression of relaxation and a room that has plenty of storage space when selling your home.

The key to preparing your main bedroom or master bedroom for a viewing is to ensure that as much junk and old clothes as possible are removed. Pack away clothes that haven't been worn for months as well as old books and remove them from the bedroom and wardrobes.

Storage space is vital to a sale and there is nothing worse than a potential buyer opening up a wardrobe to be confronted by an avalanche of old clothes.

Once the room is cleared take a critical look particularly at the colour scheme. Light colours work best. If your room is dark with peeling wallpaper it is worth re-decorating.

Consider cleaning carpets by hiring professional shampooing equipment, add rugs and make sure windows are clean and curtains are drawn back during the day. Give the room as much natural light as possible. Keep furniture to a minimum so that potential buyers can walk around the room.

As well as cleaning, dusting and airing the room make sure bed linen is a light colour, add a few scatter cushions and above all make sure the bed is made.