Home Selling Guide: Preparing Your House For Sale: Bathroom

Above all else a bathroom needs to be clean. A dirty bathroom is an obstacle that potential buyers find difficult to overcome. But this need not be costly. Even an outdated, dirt-encrusted bathroom can be improved over a weekend for relatively little cost.

There is often no need for a new suite, just invest time in a good clean or even replacing certain aspects.

Firstly give the bathroom a thorough clean, polishing chrome fittings and using anti-mould cleaning products in those dirt-stained, mouldy corners.

After that, if the room still looks in poor condition, examine it bit by bit. Consider hiring a firm that can give a professional clean to a bath. This is cheaper than a new bath.

Other relatively cheap improvements include giving the walls a lick of paint, preferably light or pastel colours, or replacing flooring. The bathroom is often the smallest room so this shouldn't take too long.

Replace cracked tiles, mouldy and blackened sealants along sinks, showers and baths, as well as shower curtains. New fittings such as towel rails can also give a bathroom a fresh appearance.

After that don't ruin your hard work by leaving damp towels on the floor and clothes hanging up in the shower. Keep it uncluttered.