How The Home.co.uk Property Search Works

When a house hunter searches for property on Home.co.uk, the matching results are displayed in the style found on search engines. The house hunter is shown the following key data for each property:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Property type

Each result contains a web link allowing the house hunter to click through to a property details page, where they can view more information about the property for sale.

The Home.co.uk search engine lists links to property details pages

Why Like a Search Engine?

Search results that click through to a partner site for full details offer the following benefits:

  • The search results are more comprehensive - because the simplicity of the system allows properties from the maximum number of sources to be included in one search
  • Home hunters save time and effort by using a single search to identify suitable properties on many different property websites
  • Home hunters are directed straight to the latest and best source of the data - like a search engine the Home.co.uk intelligent search is constantly optimised to find the best sources of property data on the web
  • Home buyers can access the agent/seller contact details directly - having been directed straight to the property details page, most users will be just one click away from contacting the vendor

For more details please see How To Look For A Property Online.

Property Alerts by Email

If the precise property that a buyer is looking for isn't immediately available, they can 'catch it' as soon as it comes on the market is by setting up an Email Alert on Home.co.uk. This powerful method of house hunting works by registering the home hunter's search criteria - the price, location, number of bedrooms and type of property they're seeking - and their email address. The latest matching search results are then emailed to the house hunter as they appear for sale.

Property Information and Services

Home.co.uk's acclaimed site not only enables buyers to find a property online effectively but visitors can also find estate agents, compare current house prices, calculate and compare mortgages for the best deals, arrange surveys and valuations, get conveyancing quotes and contact removal companies. Home.co.uk also publishes detailed guides to help inform buyers and sellers about all aspects of the buying and selling process.

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