How Home.co.uk Benefits Estate Agents

Home.co.uk supports thousands of Estate Agent businesses every day. We achieve this in two ways:

  • Our Comprehensive UK Property Search Platform that produces millions of buyer and seller leads every month
  • The Home.co.uk Estate Agent Directory: a vital resource for homeowners looking to sell their property

Home.co.uk operates like a search engine by locating the page URL where the property details are held and sending the interested home hunter to that location (eg on Homes24.co.uk).

Home.co.uk's search database aggregates property data from across the web

The key benefits of our unique system for Estate Agents are:

  • More buyer leads directed to partner sites - tens of thousands of home hunters click through to partner sites every day
  • Minimal data to upload - so it's simple and easy to configure
  • Zero cost
  • Increased brand recognition and cross-selling opportunities for partner sites
  • Value added to the Portal Publisher - Estate Agent relationship

Where Do We Get Our Traffic?

Home.co.uk's website visitors comes from our excellent Search Engine rankings. We have invested heavily in Search Engine Optimization, and our SEO programme has rewarded us with considerable website traffic. For examples of our SE rankings try keying in "property for sale" or "property search" on Google.co.uk.

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