Actual House Sale Prices for Scotland

Whether you're buying, selling, remortgaging or just interested: you can view historic transaction prices for every house sold in Scotland using the Registers of Scotland Free House Price Search.

Home Buyers

If you've found the perfect property you probably want to know whether it's good value for money. Use this service to check whether the property has changed hands recently and what price other comparable, neighbouring properties sold for.

Home Sellers

If you're putting your house on the market, what price should you set? The website above tells you all the prices for comparable properties in your neighbourhood.

Please be aware that Home Reports are mandatory for selling residential property in Scotland. Please see our Scottish Home Reports quote page.


Has your property increased in value? Find out how much by checking local properties in the above database. You could be pleasantly surprised.

For information on asking price trends and time on market reports for Scotland please see our House Prices By Town page.

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