Remortgaging Guide: Instant Current Valuation

Thanks to the dramatic rise in house prices over the last few years, the chances are that, the value will have increased significantly. The current market value of your home or investment directly affects the deals available to you.

Therefore, before you start to look for a better deal it is important that you already have a good idea of what the property is worth. Instant current valuations are available from our partner Mouseprice.com and are calculated using the best house index methodology currently available. This valuation is not a substitute for a RICS registered surveyor who would visit and re-value your property in the event of remortgaging but they are a very accurate ceteris paribus valuation. That is, they are made assuming that no substantial improvements or degradations have affected the property since the initial price paid date. Adjustments to the valuation can be made to this effect. For example, the final value can be increased by the market rate of refurbishment spend.

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