News: Call for building regs to cover home security

The Association of British Insurers wants the government to include security requirements into the design of new and refurbished homes.

The measure could save the UK economy £3.2billion over the next 20 years and benefit up to 400,000 homeowners in the first year alone.

Nick Starling, ABI’s director of general insurance, said, "There is a compelling case for designing crime out of our homes. In London alone, over 300,000 new homes are planned in the next ten years. Burglary has a high cost, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable. A modest investment can prevent it."

The ABI’s proposals for Building Regulations on security measures build on the Association of Chief Police Officers’ ‘Secured By Design’ requirements. The proposals concentrate on burglar-proof doors and windows, given these are the main points of entry used by burglars.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Victim Support, said, "Burglary can leave financial and emotional scars that may take years to heal. Sometimes the feeling that your home has been invaded never goes. Yet so much of this distress could be reduced if good security is built into new and refurbished homes."

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