News: Half-Hip is no brainer for home sellers

Potential home inspectors, many of whom have committed heavily in terms of money and time to be ready for Hips introduction next June have said that it's not all "doom and gloom" following the government's home information pack U-turn.

Even half-Hips will need an energy performance certificate, as well as the mass of other certificates, said the National Association of Licensed Home Inspectors, pointing out that a home inspector is required to make out the energy report.

Making the best of frustration, disappointment and anger, the association said that in every cloud there was a silver lining.

The association said that although there can be no doubt that the ministerial statement from Yvette Cooper has caused waves of disbelief and, in some quarters celebration, possibly premature, there is as always, a need to look at the detail behind the headline and to challenge the immediate outcry that all is lost!

Hugh Dunsmore-Hardy chairman of NALHI said: "We all know that the energy efficiency of homes is not high on the list of buyers preferences but with the average EPC likely to cost £150-200 as a stand alone report it will be something of a ‘no brainer’ for sellers to realise the additional value in commissioning a full HCR for the extra cost."

Another pro-Hip group the Association of Home Information Pack Providers has urged the government to make home condition reports compulsory after the dry run.

The Department of Communities and Local Government made it apparent that HCRs would be mandatory after the dry run has proved their worth, but the group said the government must rethink its assertion that it will promote the take up of the HCR "on a market-led basis."

Mike Ockenden, director-general of AHIPP, said: "There will be a need for Home Inspectors to carry out the Energy Performance Certificate but Ms Cooper is in danger of scaring many of them away from their training if she does not immediately reiterate the need to make the HCR mandatory after further testing."

"We are convinced of the worth of HCRs to consumers so the government must be utterly unequivocal on this point and undertake to make HCRs mandatory when this has been proven."

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