News: How many home disasters are you expecting?

They say home is where the heart is and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. New research reveals that on average every household suffers from six home disasters or accidents over a lifetime.

Research by home insurer, Churchill, shows that 3.2 million homes in the UK suffer a disaster or accident every year. This means that every minute of every day, six homes could fall victim to burglary, fire, flood or accidental damage.

Churchill analysed its claims data and calculated how frequently householders will need to call on their home insurer for help. In fact, Churchill’s data shows that the average householder will face some sort of loss or damage to the home every seven years and 9 months, totalling as much as six times in a lifetime.

The most frequent claim is for accidental damage, such as spilling food or drink on carpets and sofas, damage to TVs or entertainment equipment, DIY accidents such as drilling through a cable or water pipe, or even damage to patio doors and double glazing.

The research also reveals that half of all homes in the UK will be broken into at some point over a lifetime, with the cost of repairing thieves’ damage and replacing stolen belongings reaching tens of thousands of pounds.

Theft doesn’t stop within the home either each person could have personal items that they carry around outside the home stolen or lost at least once in a lifetime.

The research also reveals that the unpredictable British weather can wreak havoc on homes, with half of householders suffering storm damage at least once over their lifetime.

Whilst most homes will suffer from these more common events, the research reveals that some will have extreme disasters, such as fire (10%), subsidence (6%) and flood (3%). Although more rare, these disasters can be costly and have a substantial impact on a household - potentially resulting in a claim for the full value of the property and all its contents.

Martin Scott, Head of Home Insurance at Churchill, said: "Whilst the smaller household accidents are inconveniences which affect us all, a number of householders will suffer a major disaster and the effects could be devastating. Householders without the reassurance of home insurance can spend years rebuilding their lives should such disasters occur."

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