News: Home building mix leaves families desperate

Young families are increasingly looking for semi-detached or detached properties that offer them more space, a garden and ample parking to accommodate their growing household.

However, despite this demand there is an increase in the number of new apartments cropping up across the country and this group’s needs are ignored, says SmartNewHomes.com who is launching a campaign for the young family.

The government’s planning policy demands that high-density homes are built, effectively forcing developers to build apartments rather than houses, regardless of demand.

Apartments currently make up 59% of the new homes mix across the UK, compared with 42% just two years ago in 2004, and this percentage is on the increase.

David Bexon, Managing Director of SmartNewHomes.com commented: "It is about time the government specifically addressed the demand for particular types of housing. Homebuilders have increasingly less choice in the types of properties that they build and are constantly restricted by the government’s insufficient planning policy."

"The government needs to work more closely with developers to better understand the housing demand in specific regions, in order to build homes to suit every demographic."

Young families are increasingly looking for more space, opting for the stereotypical three-bed semi with a garden and a garage but these types of properties are becoming increasingly scarce.

"This month we saw an increase in the property mix of 1% for semi-detached properties compared with the same time last year but this is not enough. Results from our consumer campaign, launched recently on our website are expected to confirm our research," said Mr Bexon.

The price of a new semi-detached property is up 11.5% since the same time last year, compared to an average price increase across the mix of just 1.3%. This is a clear indication that semis are in demand and if this is not addressed the cost of a semi-detached property will continue to soar, pricing young families out of the very section of the market that best meets their needs.

Mr Bexon added: "Government should not just be focussing on density it is essential that the right types of homes are built for every region."

"Developers are currently being held back from building the types of properties they know people want and as a result the consumer, and young families in particular, are suffering."

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