News: That bedtime floating feeling

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has exhibited his magnetically levitated bed which he hopes you will be so attracted to that you’ll fork out some 1.2 million euros to get one.

Apparently Janjaap spent six years developing the solid slab sleeping surface that can be entirety suspended by opposing magnets. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes things just do take that long to design. Maybe once he tried it, he just couldn’t work out how to get off it.

Just make sure you don’t have any of those old fashioned floppy disc things in your pyjama pockets, and take off your watch before going to bed. And if you have any loose change - well, you know the routine…

The bed can support up to 900 kilograms, so you should be able to hold a party on it and for that amount of brass you’d expect to get your money’s worth by using it for a few more functions than sleeping.

Whilst the price might put off a lot of people, some of our cat and dog-loving readers might like to know that a scaled down version is available for just 115,000 euros.

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