News: Tourism booming in Incredible India

Thanks to successful government-backed efforts to promote the country to holidaymakers, tourism in India is booming like never before...

Assetz Property reports that the resounding success of the Ministry of Tourism’s 'Incredible India' campaign has seen a massive increase in Indian vacations, exemplified by the stunning increase in visitors to India's Andaman islands, where tourist numbers jumped from 32,000 in 2005 to over 100,000 in just one year.

Indian tourism and culture minister Ambika Soni recently revealed to India’s parliament that £8 million had been spent in the last fiscal year to promote the country abroad, with 80 per cent of the money spent on advertising in foreign markets.  Ms Soni stated: "The government is putting greater emphasis on development of infrastructure at important tourist destinations and to promote and publicise various tourism products of India within the country and abroad."

Ms Soni also revealed that foreign tourist numbers have increased by a huge 45 per cent in the past two years.  This drastic increase has forced island authorities to refurbish long abandoned wells - unused since World War II -  to obtain enough water to service the increased demand.

A golden age of tourism

In a recent interview with travel website Express Travel World, Ashwini Kakkar, vice-chairman of Mercury Travels and chairman of flight Raja, stated enthusiastically that India is currently experiencing "the beginning of a golden era in tourism, aviation and hospitality".

This is good news for British buy to let  investors, who can expect to obtain excellent value for money due to the strength of the pound against the Indian rupee.  An added bonus is that English is the second language of India, serving as a common language in a country with over 800 different dialects.  Furthermore, the Indian legal system is largely based on the English system of common law, which makes property transactions in the country that much easier.

With the amazing beauty of the landscape and multiplicity of different cultures, combined with a strong British influence, India is a superb choice for the buy-to-let investor looking for an exotic home away from home.

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