News: Fly-to-let investors 'bolt to Berlin'

With its recovering economy, growing consumer and business confidence and strong rentals market, Germany is achieving its goal of becoming one of 2007’s property hotspots for overseas investors, MRI Overseas Property reports...

With the German heritage of opting to rent rather than purchase properties changing, and just 12% of Berlin’s residents currently owning their property, the time is now ripe for prospective buyers to invest in properties in Berlin, argues MRI Overseas Property.

To meet the demand from buyers looking to invest in Germany and to help them take their first step on the German property ladder, MRI Overseas Property is collaborating with developers who are currently offering guaranteed ten-year rental contracts for selected properties in its new portfolio of Berlin properties, launched by the overseas property specialist last week.

Most prospective buyers will look at properties with tenants already in residence for added financial peace of mind about their overseas purchase.

Strong rental potential

Berlin’s property market is well-suited towards UK ‘fly-to-let’ investors, who look for buy-to-let investments abroad to take advantage of overseas property markets.  This is due both to the rentals potential of the German capital’s properties and also the raft of low fares flights from the UK to Germany introduced in the past few years.

Prospective buyers can take advantage of MRI Overseas Property’s portfolio of re-sale and new development properties in Berlin from January 2007. MRI Overseas Property will launch properties in further regions of Germany later in 2007.

Opting for an investment property in Berlin also offers easy access back to the UK and Ireland with its wealth of flights via low fares airlines and the bustling, 24-hour city offers something for everyone in terms of entertainment.

Rolf Christensen, European Sales Director, MRI Overseas Property, said: “Berlin is one of Europe’s largest cities alongside London and Paris, yet its property prices are significantly lower than comparable properties in the British and French Capitals."

“We believe Berlin offers a significant opportunity for property investors as we forecast a solid return on investment as a result of the strong rentals market and expected capital growth.”

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