News: Brits plan to escape 'festive mania'

A record 2.5 million Britons are set to travel abroad this Christmas, with a quarter of them fleeing to escape ‘festive mania’...

The number of people choosing to spend Christmas abroad has grown steadily over the past five years, and Halifax Travel Insurance’s research found that 47% of these Christmas Travellers are doing so to visit friends or family living abroad.

Many other Britons are simply looking for an alternative festive experience and to use the Christmas break as an opportunity to take a holiday: 

  • One in four (26%) will flee the country in order to escape ‘Christmas mania’.
  • One-in-five (22%) are tired of the British weather and want to spend Christmas in a warm and sunny location.

Other reasons include:

  • Avoiding cooking (2%)
  • Escape the family (2%)
  • With the great offers available from low cost airlines Christmas has become cheaper to celebrate abroad than at home (2%)

The most desirable Christmas travel destinations, chosen by 52% of those travelling abroad, offer Winter sun - such as the Canary Islands, Florida, Egypt, the Caribbean, Australia and India.  City breaks are the next most popular with 35%, more popular than winter sports locations such as the Alps chosen by 13%.

Vicky Watson at Halifax Travel Insurance, commented: “Britons no longer feel compelled to spend Christmas in the traditional fashion. More and more people want to use the time off work as another opportunity to indulge their passion for travel.”

“However it’s good to know that while the scenery of a traditional Christmas may be changing, the desire to celebrate with friends and family remains strong.”

The poll also found that those celebrating the festive period abroad will be taking with them around £727m-worth of presents.

 Vicky Watson  added, “Travellers should be warned that each January we see a substantial rise in claims for Christmas presents that have been lost, stolen or damaged abroad. Travellers must make sure that they have adequate travel insurance to cover replacement costs before travelling.” 

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