News: Where can you double your money in 3-5 years?

Mon, 21 May 07

Intrepid Investments are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new portfolio in Europe’s most exciting property market...

Intrepid Investments are building a low risk, high performance property portfolio in Europe’s largest economy - Germany.  Net rental yields are typically a very healthy 7% and Intrepid are predicting a turbo-charged growth rate of 20% per annum, which would give those who invest the chance to double their money in 3-5 years.

An emerging market in the heart of Europe

After a decade in the doldrums, the German economy is now starting to really pick up speed.  There are very exciting opportunities for investors and nowhere more so than in the German property sector.

Following reunification in the early 1990s, Germany struggled with the demands of a relatively impoverished East German population and burdensome welfare state.

But by 2006, the economy really started to turn around and in 2007 a recovery is underway.  Indeed, this certainly seems to be the view of some of the world’s largest banks, observes property expert Scott Huggins, founder of Intrepid Investments and co-presenter of BBC’s Get a New Life.  One bank alone invested over 4 billion in German real estate last year with plans to spend a further 6 billion in 2007.

According to NAREIT Real Estate Portfolio, Germany has by far the largest real estate stock in Europe.  But this has traditionally been characterised by a lack of institutional investment.

This is all changing, however.  New legislation just finalised in April this year allows for the creation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and suddenly large institutional investors are all jostling for position.  Billions of Euros of foreign capital are flowing into the country and Berlin and former East Germany, in particular, are reaping the benefits.

Low risk opportunity to enjoy a return of over 20%

Intrepid Investments have been hard at work for some time, searching for a very specific opportunity to invest in Germany property with a low level of risk.  Their current portfolio hedges against risk by focusing on the lower end of the domestic rental market, which is showing constant demand and excellent growth potential.

Intrepid Investments have been closing deals on a number of properties in and around Berlin.  The buildings range from modern tower blocks to Brandenburg gems.  All developments have been thoroughly researched with comprehensive due diligence undertaken.

All have excellent rental returns and have been showing strong capital growth. The portfolio is of mixed use and is very well tenanted across the board, producing excellent rental yields.  Intrepid are predicting a return to investors of at least 20% a year, based on conservative assumptions about market growth.  This is an opportunity not to miss if you are serious about building a rounded and diverse property portfolio.

Scott Huggins, founder of Intrepid Investments commented: “With more and more Germans clamouring to buy their own homes and with the massive influx of foreign capital that we have been seeing, we believe that the property market is entering a period of very strong growth.  What makes this opportunity so exciting is the low level of risk that comes with investment in such a developed but undervalued economy.”

Intrepid Investment’s German Property Portfolio is now open to investment. We expect places to fill up quickly.  Register with us at www.intrepidinvestments.co.uk  and enter the promotional code G1TMC to become a member for the reduced rate of £5 (+VAT).

If you would like any more information or to invest please call one of our property consultants on 0870 161 4511 or email us at enquiries@intrepidinvestments.co.uk

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