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Thu, 15 Nov 07

Investing in Student Buy-to-Let is a new online ‘WeBook’ providing vital information about how to capitalize on the nationwide demand for student property...

The e-book contains exclusive advice from a buy-to-let multi-millionaire, covering all aspects of buying properties to let to students.  It deals with everything from checking the electrics of your potential property to promoting it to the student market. 

Webooks.co.uk offers the full text version of Ajay Ahuja’s Investing in Student Buy-To-Let, featuring chapters on:

  • Choosing the right property
  • Finding tenants
  • Renovating and converting your property
  • University towns
  • Reselling

The book is free to read online, and there’s no need to register!

As well as being a buy-to-let mogul, Ajay Ahuja is a chartered accountant. He is founder and owner of Accountants Direct, advises various local councils and accommodation projects, and works to provide innovative solutions to problems facing the homeless. He also consults with corporations and private clients to help build property portfolios.

On the We books website, you can check out the author’s blog; chat to other prospective buyers in the forum; find useful websites in the directory or download the PDF version of this e-book from the online store.  You can read the whole book and there’s no need to register!

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You can read this e-book on the WeBooks website below:




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