News: Vive la France! Access a new guide to living in France

Thu, 08 Nov 07

A new online ‘WeBooks’ guide provides homeowners and buyers with vital information about day-to-day living in France...

The Homeowner’s Guide to Living in France is essential reading for those visiting France with an eye to buying property, or those who have already bought either a part-time or permanent residence.  Designed to assist British homeowners in France get the most out of their new host country, this enlightening guide will improve their understanding, appreciation and adaptation to the French culture and lifestyle.

Published by How To Books, you can read the full text version of The Homeowner’s Guide to Living in France at Webooks.co.uk.

The e-book is written by Richard Whiting, who has lived and worked in France for 20 years, and is an authority on the French way of life.  Written for French homeowners, this versatile book offers an essential overview of everyday life in France, featuring chapters on:

  • Family Life
  • The Economy and Politics
  • Buying a Property
  • Leisure Activities
  • Culture and food
  • Employment

On the We books website, you can check out the author’s blog; chat to other prospective buyers in the forum; find useful websites in the directory or download the PDF version of this e-book from the online store. 

You can read the whole book and there’s no need to register!

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You can read this e-book on the WeBooks website below:


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