News: Urban Hungary investment boost

Wed, 02 May 07

Investors considering the Hungarian property market would be best served considering central, urban areas, according to an investment expert...

According to Carl Dear, investment strategist with Offplan Millionaire, major cities invariably have the best growth prospects as they are home to the largest concentrations of people.

The real estate expert said that Hungary’s capital, in particular, was a solid market.

"Budapest definitely, straight away without a shadow of a doubt not so much in the centre but in the suburbs which have good transportation links into the centre, good commuter links, good local infrastructure, good amenities and all of that, anything that is attractive to a local, will represent a good investment in the long term," Mr Dear said.

A word of caution was also offered for people considering short-term property investments, as these individuals will have to pay particular attention to government policies to avoid getting caught out.

For long-term investors in the Hungarian property market, Mr Dear said that there could be a slight drop in prices at some time but claimed that this would only be a "short-term correction".

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