News: Turkey buyers told to wait and watch

Tue, 15 Jan 08

Investors considering Turkey should be vigilant before parting with their money, according to Investors Provident...

Consumers looking for overseas property in Turkey should "wait and watch" the situation to see if the country appears unstable. The comments were made by Hetal Shah, spokesman for Investors Provident, who warned that civil unrest in particular can dent investor confidence and instability in neighbouring countries can affect the market as well.

"You have to wait and gauge the market. Look to see if there have been similar events in the past and, if so, what was the outcome? Wait and watch before you decide to part with your money".

Mr Shah added: “The current situation in Kenya is one to keep an eye on and countries which border each other, such as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, could affect each others markets”

Several months of unrest in various countries around the world, such as Pakistan, India and Turkey prompted Mr Shah’s comments, and whilst Turkey has a thriving, comparatively safe property market, it is always good practice to remain diligent.

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