News: Tram boost for beloved Nice

Wed, 21 Nov 07

The Capital of the Cote d’Azur, Nice, is about to announce the official opening of their new tram line which has taken over six years to build at a cost of 370 million euros...

Nice is a much loved city with wide stately avenues and boulevards and a sweeping sea front, which sadly is often lost under the weight of traffic. The tram line is due to relieve this pressure allowing residents to use the line for easy access to the beach, shops and suburbs. Quiet and sleek, it will touch most of the main areas of Nice providing a much needed transport system within this beautiful area.

As with all new transport links, it will inevitably have a marked effect on the property market, bringing more homes within easy access of the central shopping area and beach. Trying to park in Nice in the height of the season has always been difficult but the new tram line will enable home owners to travel easily, a train coming along every 4 minutes in the rush hour.

Nice always ‘slightly cheaper’

Serge Cowan, Director of Unique Living, specialists in top quality homes worldwide said: “Nice has always been slightly cheaper than other areas along the French Riviera. The tram could of course change things as it brings more homes into the catchment area of desirability”.

Nice of course has an airport which is just a few miles West of the town centre so owning a home in this smart town of wealthy home owners, is a good investment.

Unique Living’s average property sale price is around 1.8 million euros and in one month alone this year, turned over 6.6 million euros on the French Riviera alone thus proving that the recent mortgage problem in the US has not touched this end of the property spectrum.

Concluded Serge, “Without a doubt the Cote d’Azur offers sophisticated living in an unrivalled location of natural beauty and understated distinctive architecture. Investing in this part of France rarely fails to meet owners optimistic goals of a beautiful home which will gain year on year in value”.

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