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Mon, 15 Oct 07

It is now possible to specifically search for property along your favourite Spanish Costa...

This facility, which allows visitors to search for properties within 5km of the coastline, has proved highly popular since its launch simply because the majority of investors, retirees, expatriates and second home hunters focused on Spain still desire properties as close as possible to the coast. 

However it’s not just proximity to the beach that matters to potential purchasers.  Property price, climate and accessibility dictate a location’s popularity as well, according to the findings of Kyero.com.

Analysis of Kyero.com visitor activity reveals that together, the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca account for 42% of buyer interest and that these remain the most popular Spanish Costas for potential property purchasers despite recent media reports taking a less than favourable view of the property markets in these areas.

Evergreen appeal

Kyero.com’s findings actually suggest that the markets in these locations bottomed out towards the end of 2006 and that canny buyers are now targeting developers who are discounting properties in order to bolster their cash-flow. 

As a result, both the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca have proved their evergreen appeal in terms of location, price, climate and accessibility - and tied as the most popular Costas in Spain.

In contrast, one of the least-discovered Costas on Kyero.com was the Costa Verde. Located in the north of Spain, this 'Green Coast' between Cantabria and Galicia offers stunning views and majestic landscapes.

Property prices are attractive, averaging at €162,000, 35% below the national average of €248,000 (Oct 07) and there a several direct flights a week from the UK.

The ‘Ryanair effect’

Data from the new search facility has also revealed that the Rias Altas in Coruna (North West Spain) accounted for 5% of site searcher activity - ranking above the well known Costa Brava in the north east and the Costa de la Luz in the south west.

Rias Altas literally means “upper river” and epitomises the ‘Ryanair effect’ as the budget airline serves the nearby town of Santiago de Compestela offering direct, affordable access from the UK.

For more information please visit Kyero.com where you can search for coastal property and see the most popular Spanish Costas

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