News: The 7 secrets of Les Sept Laux

Tue, 16 Oct 07

A revolution in the form of an annual avalanche of international visitors is expected to hit the lesser explored slopes of Les Sept Laux in the French Alps this coming ski season, and this key tourism development is representing an inimitable and exciting investment opportunity for property investors...

One highly regarded local constructor who enjoys an exemplary track record and whose recent projects have been earning investors capital appreciation in the region of 20%, actually pre-empted this significant tourism expansion development in Les Sept Laux. 

He is producing the one commodity currently lacking and yet about to be hotly and sustainably in demand, namely four star bespoke chalet style ski-in, ski- out residences - and they have just come to the market in time for investors to cash in on the expected visitor avalanche in Les Sept Laux this winter season.

Unusually for a French ski resort (and despite the fact that Les Sept Laux is actually the third largest ski resort in the Dauphiné region) it has not really been on the winter sport enthusiast’s radar until now.  In fact, Les Sept Laux was seemingly being kept as something of a well maintained local secret because of the beauty of the resort, the exceptional winter and summer sports opportunities and the previous restriction on available accommodation that physically limited how many people could enjoy the resort. 

But now all that has changed due to a series of fundamental factors that are raising the profile and the appeal of the resort for year round visitors: -

  • The regional government has begun investing heavily into the improvement of the amenities and facilities in the resort to attract and retain the interest of the discerning and affluent international ski fraternity.

  • These improvements include additions and improvements to the lifts so that now the resort can offer over 120 km of exceptional runs up to a height of 2,600 meters.
  • The improvement in terms of slope accessibility directly benefits the summertime mountain biking crowd which is increasing in numbers annually.

  • Both nearby Chambéry and Grenoble St Geoirs airports have recently begun accepting low cost carrier traffic with the likes of Flybe and Jet2 servicing the former, and Ryanair, EasyJet and Thomson Fly using the latter and pushing up visitor volumes significantly.

  • Les Sept Laux now has an American style snowpark with a wide variety of modules which has been independently rated as one of the best in the Alps.

  • There are snow canons in place across the entire resort to provide complete cover or supplement coverage allaying anyone’s fears of missing out on the fun in the event that the snows ever fail.

  • And ultimately, because it has been lesser known and lesser explored to date, currently Les Sept Laux is the one thing that most French ski resorts are not – i.e., affordable!

Whether you are a winter sports fanatic, a beginner, a ski-widow who quite frankly prefers the après ski or someone seeking a stunning environment to hike, bike, white-water raft or even paraglide over in the summertime then Les Sept Laux is certainly a resort to explore, enjoy and revisit – just check out the facts: -

  • The range of slopes and the diversity of the skiing available means everyone from the true beginner to the most experienced skier is accommodated.

  • After a hard day on the slopes or for ski-widows the resort neighbours both the legendary spa resorts of Uriage and Allevard where you can indulge in every conceivable spa and beauty treatment available.

  • For après ski lovers there are a rapidly growing number of bars, cafes and restaurants within the resort of Les Sept Laux itself where you can relax and enjoy the night in the company of good friends.

  • For those who prefer the more temperate summertime Alpine climate in France, Les Sept Laux is one of the most delightful, accessible, affordable and stunning national park locations.

  • Many are beginning to dub the resort a mini ‘Grand Canyon’ with others painting a picture of it as similar in terms of its stunning geography to parts of Canada - so you can just imagine how spectacular the countryside is around the resort and in the national park that surrounds it.

With all this in mind, there is clearly no denying the incredible appeal of Les Sept Laux.  The only surprise is that it has remained lesser known and more affordable for so long because skiing was first introduced to the area back in 1878!

If you’re an investor or even if the thought of having a permanent residence in Les Sept Laux appeals to you,  then you currently have a very narrow window of opportunity to get ahead of the expected substantial property appreciation curve that the resort will certainly experience when visitor numbers surge.

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