News: Sarkozy good for house prices

Mon, 21 May 07

France is set to become "much more property owner-oriented" now that Nicolas Sarkozy has become president, an expert has said...

Penny Zoldan, managing director of Latitudes, said that the centre-right politician who took over from Jacques Chirac on Wednesday will strengthen France's economy and property market, reports Property Showrooms.

According to Ms Zoldan, Mr Sarkozy's policies will probably cause property prices to rise as French investors become more confident.

However, as these changes will take some time to implement, British investors still have time to buy properties in time for the boom.

"If things become more beneficial for the French who have money? and that's what the Conservatives do? then there will be more money around and the French will be even more in competition for the good properties," she commented.

Her comments echo similar sentiments expressed by property specialists VEF, which has said that the new French president will boost the country's economy and make the property market much "livelier".

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