News: SA construction at all time high

Fri, 14 Sep 07

South Africa has proved to be one of the best ever overseas investment markets in recent years...

With property investment out performing the equity market, investors are aplenty particularly in the run up to the 2010 Football World Cup where South Africa’s profile will increase ten-fold.

Lloyd Cornwall, Managing Director at Pin High Property in South Africa says, “Over the past 20 years, as inflation has declined and political stability has been reached, the returns from property investment have been staggeringly high, so high in fact, that they have outperformed the equity market.

“If we look at the last five years alone, property’s annualised returns have been even more impressive than the annualised returns over the entire 20 year period and have again, outperformed equities, but with far less risk to investors.”

Growing economy

Lloyd continues, “South Africa’s economy is growing quickly with figures of 5% per annum being reported for the last three years. This meteoric rise is set to continue with many estimating further increases in the economy.

“Not surprising really, with construction in South Africa edging towards an all time high and high expectations of it doubling over the next seven years.

It is hard facts like these, that is giving overseas investors the confidence to invest here and with the prospects for the future being so upbeat, I would anticipate that by the 2010 World Cup, that property prices will have risen considerably higher than almost any other property market in the world.”

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