News: Retirees desert stressful UK

Tue, 25 Sep 07

Brits are increasingly retiring abroad to escape the stress of living in the UK, according to new research...

A study by Insure4Retirement.co.uk reveals that more than half of all Britons hope to move abroad when they retire.

Financial problems appear to be the biggest worry for retirees, with 40 per cent of people saying that securing a steady pension income is their primary concern.

Other factors driving people towards sectors such as the Spanish property market include council tax (25 per cent), health (seven per cent), vandalism (six per cent) and immigration (six per cent).

David Holden, managing director of Insure4Retirement.co.uk, said:

"This year’s survey is an accurate reflection of how many people over fifty feel neglected and facing an uncertain future.

"That over half of those polled are seriously considering retiring abroad is a telling indictment on the poor level of service provision and financial security offered to the retirement community."

After Spain, the top destinations that people hope to retire to are France and Canada.

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