News: Renters almost twice as likely to experience a pest problem in their home

Mon, 18 Feb 19

Three fifths of Brits have experienced a pest problem within their home, with 64% of those who have had an infestation living in rented accommodation at the time, while 36% were in a property they owned, new research shows.

A new study has found that 57% of British adults have experienced a pest problem within their home, with 6% of respondents polled admitting they had previously changed their address due to an infestation of unwanted animals, insects or other critters.

Those living in London, the South East and Scotland the most likely to have experienced an issue with uninvited house guests, according to the study of over 2,000 British homeowners carried out by Hillarys.

All respondents were initially asked if they had ever lived in a property where a pest infestation had been uncovered, with 57% admitting they had.

Researchers broke down the answers and found the following regions were most likely to have a pest infestation:

London - 69% (of respondents from this region had a pest control issue in their home)

South East - 66%

Scotland - 64%

East Midlands - 61%

North East - 58%

Northern Ireland - 57%

West Midlands – 55%

Yorkshire and Humberside – 51%

North West - 46%

East of England - 42%

Wales - 41%

South West - 39%

All participants were asked to reveal if a pest infestation would incentivise them to move home, with almost two thirds (64%) confessing it would and a further 6% revealing they had already relocated for this reason.

When asked to state the pest issue that would, or already had, made them want to leave a property, the top five answers emerged as follows:

Rats - 26%

Spiders - 16%

Wasps - 14%

Mice – 11%

Ants – 9%

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, commented: “We’ve all encountered the odd creepy crawly in our home, but dealing with a recurring infestation can be expensive and stressful. This survey, alongside our infographic, highlights the different experiences with this issue across the UK.”

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