News: Property expert's dispute resolution service to avoid evictions

Mon, 16 Nov 20

A property expert in the Home Counties has launched a dispute resolution service to avoid evictions.

Julie Ford - who’s been in the industry for 11 years and is also a former adviser at Citizens Advice - runs Gothard Rowe landlord services, which says it offers a “holistic solution to mounting rent arrears.”

She emphasises communicating with the tenant to understand why they are struggling to pay.

In addition to seeing whether they qualify for established funding such as Discretionary Housing Payments and Prevention of Homelessness payments, Ford also says she has access to over 2,000 charitable trusts, legacies and grants across the UK which can help support a tenant to pay towards - or even clear - arrears. 



A statement from Ford’s company says that “despite the negative reports in the media that tenants are using Covid-19 as an excuse to not pay their rent, all of the tenants she has worked with want to be able to pay their rent but felt they just couldn’t afford to.”

Ford says her approach to tenants typically takes two to three months “to reach a mutually successful outcome.”


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