News: Project Greengold 2 hits the heights!

Thu, 15 Nov 07

‘Project Greengold 2’ , the latest venture from Property company movewithus, is proving massively popular with investors...

For a minimum of $40,000, investors will own 11 acres of agricultural land in Argentina with a minimum return of the amount invested plus 75%. This comprises an annual income of 10% with a guaranteed capital appreciation payout of 25% after five years and 50% after ten years.

The development is flexible and open to investments from all areas. Many investors are using the government’s SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) proposition to invest. SIPPs are a product of the government’s effort to encourage more people to invest in their own private pensions. They offer tax relief, depending on your tax bracket.

Potential benefits ‘huge’

Robin King, director at movewithus, said; “We didn’t realise just how popular SIPPs were until we launched this development. Many of our clients have invested using their SIPP”

The benefits for the potential investor are huge. Currently the SIPP can only be used for investment in commercial property or non-building land, making Project Greengold 2 perfect.

Robin King added: “Project Greengold 2 is ideal for a SIPP because it is an arable land investment. It provides an annual return and can be sold in five years for a minimum 75% profit. More importantly, there is no maximum so the investor will receive the benefit from the ever increasing agricultural land prices”

The fact that many investors are using SIPPs shows how secure the Project Greengold 2 development is proving to be.  As Robin King says:Investors feel safe with this investment as they know that SIPP providers do a tremendous amount of due diligence before they accept the use of SIPPs in a foreign investment.

Pain-free process

Robin concludes: “Additionally, all aspects of the investment, including the sale of the land, is managed by an independent UK company on behalf of the investor, so the investor is not inconvenienced by a lot of administration and paperwork.

Agricultural land prices are on the increase and oil prices are at an all time high so the spotlight is on bio-fuels. Wheat has increased over 200% in price this year alone. The versatility of the land means that it can be used for many different purposes, whichever is the most profitable at the time - it makes sense and is profitable on many levels.

For further information visit http://www.movewithus.co.uk/projectgreengold

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