News: Project Greengold 2: Arable land is still number one

Mon, 26 Nov 07

There’s still time to invest in Project Greengold 2 and take advantage of one of the most secure and lucrative opportunities on the market...

With the current uncertainty of the global financial and property markets, the acquisition of land is seen as one of the most secure alternatives available.

Investors are attracted by the simplicity of Project Greengold 2. Once the initial fee is paid, clients can sit back and let their investment work for them. They receive an annual payment of 10% with the option of withdrawing after five years with a guaranteed capital appreciation of 25%. After ten years, this figure rises to 50%.

There is no cap on potential earnings if the value of the land rises further. This is a very real possibility - oil and food prices are rising and are projected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future, with arable farmland owners reaping the benefits. The land can be used to grow soya for biofuel or wheat for food and animal feed – you can’t lose!

Robin King, movewithus director, says; “We feel that land is the number one investment on the market today. Project Greengold 2 has really struck a chord with our clients because of its simplicity and profitability.”

In comparison with a lot of other property investments, there are no ongoing costs for managing the property or for upkeep and furnishing. The land is managed by a UK-based overseas financial specialist ensuring that the investor is not inconvenienced by a lot of administration and paperwork.

There’s only a limited time left to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. For more information, visit http://www.movewithus.co.uk/projectgreengold2 or contact the movewithus investor department on 0870 420 3966.

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