News: Politicians ask: “If landlords won’t lower rents now, when will they?”

Thu, 18 Nov 21

The Green Party says the fact that some landlords increased rents during the Coronavirus pandemic shows the need for rent controls.

The Scottish wing of the party - which is in a ruling coalition north of the border with the Scottish National Party - claims that new statistics show the cost of renting a two-bedroom flat increased above inflation in 10 of 18 local markets across Scotland over the past year.

A statement from the Scottish Greens says a national system of rent controls is set to be delivered as a “key part” of the coalition and “as part of several measures to enhance tenants’ rights.”

The party’s Scottish housing spokesperson Ariane Burgess comments: “It is astonishing that rents continued to rise in the midst of a pandemic, when demand was low and people were struggling with reduced income. In most parts of Scotland, those rises were above inflation.

“If landlords won’t lower rents in these conditions, when will they? 

“These figures show that we cannot leave something as fundamental as people’s homes to market forces. That’s why I’m proud the Scottish Greens will bring rent controls back to Scotland."

[Ed.] It would appear that Ms.Burgess has not informed herself as to the true state of the rental market, now and during the pandemic.

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