News: Planning boost for Turkey investors

Tue, 09 Oct 07

Turkey’s new planning laws are aimed at protecting coastal resorts and cities...

The Ministry of Forest and Agriculture in Turkey has issued a White Paper on guidelines and restrictions to be introduced by the local Municipals and Town Planners up to the year 2025.


These new proposals are aiming to restrict the intensity of construction generally. The White Paper spans all the major tourist areas which cover the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines which until now have been subject to local planning strategies and have in some areas resulted in extensive building.


“We welcome such an initiative”, says Robert Nixon, Director of UK Operations for Nirvana International, specialists in property in Turkey. “This is an excellent piece of legislation which covers not just the main tourist areas around the coast but also the cities and surrounding countryside. It is a sweeping approach to ensure that this beautiful country retains its very special appeal.”

Developing tourism


The planners’ aims are to protect and develop by closely watching the development of tourism, which the Government is encouraging, but in a controlled manner to the benefit of all.


They also aim to protect agricultural regions and green areas and this is to extend to natural, historical and cultural values such as forests, archaeological sites, national parks and energy source areas.

Planners will also now need to carefully consider city development areas which will be co-coordinated according to the White Paper following the Government’s population projection.

Turkish market ‘buoyant’


Added Robert, “Before this White Paper, vast areas of Turkey could have been threatened but now there is some control we see it as an absolute bonus enabling buyers to purchase homes knowing they will not be blighted by high rise apartments and an untenable density.


“The Turkish property market is very buoyant as they offer extremely good value for money. On average a home costs three times less than an equivalent property in Spain.


With property values rising at around 20% per annum and excellent flights from the UK, it is not a surprise that there are over 62,000 foreign owned properties in Turkey of which over half are believed to be British”.


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