News: OZ trounces Rip-off Britain

Fri, 18 Jan 08

Australia is a much cheaper place to live than the UK, despite its comparable standard of living, new research has found...

A study by HSBC found that the amount earned by a British citizen in a year would last for 14 months in Australia without any noticeable drop in their quality of life.This means the antipodean country is less expensive than the UK, a factor that may make it a popular choice with potential expatriates, second home and investment property buyers.

Enrique Roche from HSBC commented: "Britons who live abroad, especially those who do so for only a few months each year, are often not willing to compromise on their standard of living." He added that the study had allowed people who were thinking of relocating or buying property in Australia to see which destinations might allow their money to go further.

Meanwhile, Paul Arthur of The Emigration Group has highlighted Australia as one of the most popular places for British expatriates. He told the Southport Visitor that during the year to July 2007, almost 25,000 Britons set up home down under.

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