News: 'New' South Africas golden goal

Mon, 24 Sep 07

The World Cup in 2010 is expected to inject up to £1.5 billion into the South African economy...

This unprecedented event will be the catalyst for a ‘new’ South Africa that will benefit from direct investment into its transport infrastructure and will see the rehabilitation of poorer areas, as South Africa takes a giant leap forward in its global standing.

Lloyd Cornwall, Managing Director of Pin High Property says, “Once South Africa was named as host for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, not only was this a massive vote of confidence from the International community but it confirmed that South Africa can be a leading overseas destination and progress towards the infrastructural requirements of hosting such a huge event have already begun.

The upgrading of the infrastructure is also key to the property market and its longevity. South Africa has already made a name for itself in the global property market with huge increases on property in the last few years.

However property here is still considerably undervalued and this continued investment in the lead up to the world cup is buoying the market once again.

This is a market for short and long term investors and both can expect to see tremendous results. Getting into bricks and mortar before the World Cup would be my advice, as this mega event is a dynamic force that has the ability to transform this already burgeoning market, taking it to new levels.”

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