News: New bill good news for housing crisis

Tue, 20 Nov 07

The new Housing and Regeneration Bill is a ‘major positive opportunity’ to address the country’s growing housing crisis, says the The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)...

The wide-ranging Bill offers solutions to all the major issues such as supply, affordability, climate change, regulation, bureaucracy and tenant empowerment. The new Homes and Communities Agency will also provide an excellent opportunity to deliver significant improvements.

CIH believes Government is delivering strongly on its pledge and is looking forward to working closely with them to support the practical implementation of the Bill, especially in relation to green housing and making sure that tenants and residents can take advantage of their significant new powers.

In the next few weeks CIH will be publishing a new book called "Leading the Way: Achieving Resident Excellence and Accountability", which should provide Government and the housing sector with a powerful new model to help manage the tenant-led approach at the heart of the new Bill.

Important new milestone

In relation to climate change, the target of carbon neutral new homes by 2016 is an important new milestone to reduce carbon emissions. But it represents only a small part of the housing stock and CIH is already looking beyond the existing Bill to find solutions for improving the carbon footprint of existing housing stock.

CIH Chief Executive Designate, Sarah Webb, said: "The Housing and Regeneration Bill provides opportunities for everyone to make a contribution towards solving our housing problems. We need to grasp this opportunity and make a real difference to residents and tenant.

“Not simply because their will be opportunities for more people to live in more affordable and greener homes. But because we know that good housing in successful and vibrant communities will improve educational achievement, support healthier living and boost aspirations."

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