News: Need help with that stressful house move?

Thu, 06 Sep 07

InstantWin4Now are launching 2 exciting new competitions designed to make your move a much less painful process...

Moving house is widely acknowledged to be one of life’s most stressful experiences.  Right from the moment you decide to put your property on the market to the day you receive the keys to your new home, you’re on edge all the time.  Will your most valued asset sell? Did the people you’ve just shown around your home like it enough to put an offer in?  All the uncertainty can get a bit gruelling at times...

Well, now things are changing and moving home is set to become a much more pleasant process thanks to InstantWin4Now.  The leading instant prize website has just launched several exciting new competitions to help make the move into your first or next home that little bit easier.

Fancy not having to pay for your deposit?

Not only is moving house very stressful, but it’s normally extremely expensive too.  With the cost of funding your deposit on top of paying all the fees for the estate agent, solicitor and removal services, the list of added expenses you have to cover just seems to go on forever.

But now help is at hand from InstantWin4now.  By entering their “Win your deposit paid for your new home” competition, you could win a cool £10,000 to put down as a deposit on your new home or just use the cash to help you foot some of those enormous bills you know are coming your way.


Help the environment and your bank balance at the same time!

Once the chaos of the move is behind you, you can look forward to the most positive aspect of moving house – that chance to make a fresh start and do things a little differently.  One option you may already be considering is changing your lifestyle to be more environmentally-friendly.  Making your new home “green” will also help your bank balance too, as greener appliances like washing machines, kettles, tumble dryers and dishwashers use less energy meaning lower fuel bills!

Once again, the InstantWin4Now team are on hand to help.  By entering their “Win a £15,000 Green Makeover for your home” competition, you could win a massive £15,000 to spend on making your new home energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.  You can even reduce your removal fees by disposing of all your old appliances before you move and having your shiny new environmentally-friendly (and free!) appliances delivered straight to your new address.

Here’s what some of recent winners said about the InstantWin4Now site:

“I got a complete shock when the 'congratulations' message came up and I burst into a fit of giggles. I honestly didn't think I would win anything, but I have and I am delighted. Thank you!!! “


“A lot of competition sites on the internet are scams and frauds and it's really easy to be naturally suspicious, which I was with this site too. I'm so pleased that I not only won something but that the call to claim the prize was at a normal rate and that the prize got to me quite quickly. It doesn't matter how small it is, it's always great to win something.”

Laura Martin

To take advantage of these and many more fantastic prizes for your new home, simply visit http://www.instantwin4now.co.uk where you can register for free and start entering your first competition with just a few clicks!

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