News: Morocco's 'remarkable' progress

Wed, 10 Oct 07

Morocco has recently being referred to as ‘remarkable’ by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in recognition of its economic progress over the last year...

Rob Shaw, Marketing and Operations Manager for Morocco Properties says, “The level of success that Morocco has achieved over the last year has been phenomenal and I am not all surprised by these latest rewarding comments from the IMF.


“Morocco’s diversification from traditional industries has been the key, but also its determination to combat inflation and to encourage overseas investment, have resulted in this ‘remarkable’ turn around. Morocco until recent years was off the radar for most people looking to invest into the overseas property market.


“However new government backed initiatives have transformed the country and Morocco is now a contender for one of the most successful emerging markets to date.”

Rob continues, “Proof of the extraordinary success of Morocco can also be seen by the success of Atlas Blue Airline a subsidiary of Royal Air Maroc, which is expected to announce an increase in passengers to the tune of 80% compared to last year.


“Morocco is developing at a tremendous rate and with its close proximity to Europe, investors are aplenty.”


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