News: Looking to Buy a Home to Renovate?

Wed, 01 Jul 09

Ricochet, the makers of the successful BBC1 property series Open House, is making a new daytime property series about vacant and neglected properties and their potential to be turned into homes again. They want to hear from families or couples currently searching for their next home to buy, and would like to film:

Home buyers who are looking for a new home who may be considering a property that needs some work.

Home owners who have renovated an empty property and turned it into their longed-for dream home.

The new 20 part series for the BBC is about empty, unloved and forgotten properties and aims to explore the many ways they could possibly become someone's home again. Ricochet told Home.co.uk, "We want to hear from potential buyers who may be willing to consider such a property in their search for the ideal home."

"In each programme the presenter will show possible buyers around suitable vacant properties for sale to explore their potential as a new home. We'd also like to hear from people who've taken the plunge and renovated a previously neglected property into their dream home."

"We've been using your website as a search tool to try and match the couples and families we've been speaking to with their perfect home but wondered if you may be able to put some information about what we're looking for on your web site."

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Ricochet team on 01273 224820, or propertydetectives@ricochet.co.uk

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