News: Lone Star State soaring

Thu, 11 Oct 07

Texas continues to dodge the US real estate bullet...

Texas is the one exception in the Real Estate slump. The Lone Star State is outperforming expectations with house prices and sales performing much better than in any other part of the country.

Real Estate is where gold used to be fifty years ago. It is the only form of investment which offers a secure steady return for the future and a guarantee of some kind in times of uncertainty. Like most forms of investment like this Real Estate also goes through cycles of rise and dip and for most of the continental United States the dip effect is very much in force.

Texas is the exception. While house prices have showed a little decline in the Lone Star State the trend there is very much against the rest of the country and the realtors’ mood is buoyant.

Recent figures from the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, showed that home prices in Texas increased 6.9% during first quarter 2007, well above the 4.3% national average.

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