News: Living in Bulgaria just got cheaper!

Wed, 16 Jan 08

Investors considering Bulgaria have received some more good news...

The wholesale prices of calls from fixed lines to mobiles in Bulgaria will go down by 10% on February 1, the telecoms watchdog announced on Monday.

The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) took the decision following a string of meetings with representatives of the country's three mobile operators - Mtel, Globul and Vivatel. The changes are expected to make a difference to the customers' fixed-line telecom bills.

Phoning a mobile operator from a fixed line currently is charged BGN 0,38.1 for calls in peak hours and BGN 0,36.6 for off-peak calls. The prices go down to BGN 0,35 and BGN 0, 32.5 respectively as of the beginning of February.

The price fall is the first stage of a gradual transition to lower prices of calls from fixed to mobile lines or the so-called termination rates, levied by one operator on another, when a customer of one network calls a mobile phone on another network.

Lower mobile phone bills may not top the prospective investor wish-list, however, every little helps when living aborad, and the more the cost of living comes down, the more attractive the destination becomes.

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